Obtaining Inner Peace & Clarity

Sandra Noemi Torres
2 min readMay 18, 2021


We can live our lives in 60 Billion different ways, with different cultures, religions, philosophies, financial status, habits, traumas, perspectives and we all seek these floating and often elusive attributes, Inner Peace and Clarity.

They are the Holistic drug we long for, the knowing and faith in what is, IN ORDER FOR, us to feel and live in what is obvious to our Subconscious and surprises us when it’s not, that we have the ability to create, energetically influence and physically change the world around us.

Inner Peace eludes us the moment that life takes a turn in our lives we weren’t planning for. It throws us off track, because we weren’t prepared for that and now we have to figure out how to get back on the right path we wanted for ourselves. And that gives us heartache.

We were born seeking Clarity, we are curious to our core, a baby learning about life seeking to ultimately find clarity to our life long question, “What is the meaning of our lives?”

We want clarity in our relationships, in our business in our choices in our risks.. we want to know that what we do is right, divine, God-willed. We want to know that what we do is what we‘re supposed to do so that we fulfill the esoteric goal of our existence.

But what good would that teach you, anyway? How can we know who we are if we don’t test our vulnerabilities?


You are A God-Particle. You are Made of the same Material as the Stars.
You are Connected to the web of life. You are not truly alone.

Breathe through the circumstances in your life and lay them on the blanket of the Universe. Create and visualize the ultimate place that brings you joy. Take things one breath at a time and do all that is in your power to improve the person you are.

Be a constant student of yourself, others and the universe around you. Never lose that. Master yourself and tap into deeper states of being. There are countless practices, meditations and many forms of self care.

We are God observing Self, Observing Us, the Collective.

Have a beautiful day and #KickYourOwnAss



Sandra Noemi Torres

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